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Knowledgeable Virginia Attorney Assists with Family Matters and Criminal Defense

Experienced Virginia lawyer protects clients’ rights

Taso R. Saunders, Esquire is a competent advocate, committed to successfully resolving your legal matter.  Whether you are defending against allegations of criminal conduct or going through a divorce, seeking spousal or child support or a support modification, I am dedicated to protecting the best interests of my clients throughout the duration of their legal matter in Virginia, no matter how complex their case may be. Going through a judicial proceeding can be intimidating for anyone, but having an experienced advocate by your side offers you peace of mind, knowing your rights are protected. You can count on me to work diligently to obtain a fair and just outcome.

Diligent Virginia litigator provides personalized attention

Amongst the people I have represented in legal matter, I have become known for offering understanding counsel that meets their unique needs. Past clients often refer me to others for my:
  • Uniquely tailored strategy — I plan my legal strategies to fit the individual goals of each client. My experience has taught me that no two cases are the same. Client centered lawyering is a concept that I learned in law school and is the primary principle that I abide by when engaged in representation. From the onset, I ascertain the goals of the client in order to tailor my approach specifically to that individual.
  • Affordable fees — My fees reflect the reality that many clients find big-firm fees impossible to afford. I strive to provide representation to ALL regardless of socioeconomic status. I offer a variety of payment options including flat fee arrangements for certain types of cases. Additionally, I offer flexible payment arrangements on a case by case basis.
  • Prioritization of client needs — I get to know my clients and involve them in their own case, answering their questions and making myself available to them.
I am committed to providing personalized attention because I care about my clients and their families.
Areas of Practice

Experienced Advocate Understands the Virginia Criminal Justice System

My Criminal Defense experience encompasses all types of offenses, from minor misdemeanors offenses to serious felony offenses charged under the Code of Virginia. Certain offenses are quasi-criminal thus, are punishable as a misdemeanor of felony depending on the circumstances. I frequently represent individuals charged with the following:
  • DUI/DWI — I challenge the state’s evidence to defend drivers facing DUI charges, including aggravated DUIs involving blood alcohol content levels above 0.15 percent.
  • Traffic violations — Whether you're accused of reckless driving, speeding, leaving the scene of an accident, driving with a suspended or revoked license, or driving without valid license, I can pursue reduced charges or even dismissals for traffic violations.
  • Assault and battery — If you are charged with domestic violence (assault on a family or household member) or assault, your freedom and reputation are on the line. I can investigate whether you acted in self-defense.
  • Identity theft — I have experience defending against charges for identity theft, computer crimes, stolen credit cards, forgery, passing bad checks, using false IDs, and other fraud offenses.
No matter what allegations you face, you can depend on me to provide a strong defense.

Accomplished Virginia attorney protects parental rights and marital assets

Whatever family law issue you are dealing with, I advocate for a fair outcome in matters such as:
  • Divorce — I handle all aspects of divorce, including spousal support and child support, as well as modifications of support orders, to protect your rights as a parent and your financial security.
  • Child custody — A child's relationship with each parent is important, so long as the parent is fit to share parenting responsibilities. The Saunders Law Firm, PLLC Attorney and Counselor at Law protects your child's best interests in custody determinations.
I understand the emotional and financial strains brought about by a family law dispute, and my goal is always to provide the kind of advocacy you can count on during a difficult time.

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