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Adept Attorney Devoted to Assisting Clients Eliminate the Dissemination of Arrest Records Resulting from Criminal Charges in Virginia

Allegations of misconduct resulting in arrest and prosecution for criminal offenses often times result in unintended adverse consequences. The existence of arrests and/or charges not resulting in a conviction remain a part of the charged individual’s “criminal record.” These records are available to the public, perspective employers, financial institutions, educational institutions, rental agencies, etc. The continued existence and dissemination of these records has a tendency to cause hardship to those individuals affected by their existence. Most commonly, individuals are questioned by perspective employers, lenders, landlords, and school admissions offices regarding their involvement in criminal activity. Despite the fact that an individual may have been acquitted (found not guilty), the prosecution declined to proceed to trial on the charge(s), or the charge(s) were otherwise dismissed, the mere existence of a record pertaining to an arrest or charge can be detrimental to an individual’s ability to find and/or maintain gainful employment, gain admission into school, lease or purchase real estate, etc.

May I Have My Criminal Record Expunged?

This is a common question raised by individuals whom have had some involvement with the criminal justice system in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Under certain circumstances, individuals arrested for and charged with a crime under Virginia law may seek to have the record pertaining to that arrest/charge expunged. The effect of an Expungement Order issued in Virginia is to end the public dissemination of records related to the arrest/charge. The record of any arrest/charge expunged becomes nonexistent to the public.

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