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Identity Theft

Woodbridge Attorney Helps Those Accused of Identity Theft

Virginia lawyer defends clients against charges of fraud or hacking

The Saunders Law Firm, PLLC is committed to helping those who have been accused of identity theft, hacking and computer fraud. As we become more reliant on technology in our banking, our commerce, our medical treatment and our interpersonal communication, the amount of data theft and fraud also increases. Law enforcement is often a few steps behind and frequently charges the wrong people with identity theft. Often, the legal system does not understand the crimes they have accused my clients of. Charges may be overblown or inflated simply due to misunderstanding. I will work hard to get your charges reduced or thrown out.

Woodbridge defense attorney helps you understand the criminal charges against you

Identity theft is often considered a white collar crime. It typically involves the use of social security numbers, passwords or other identifying information. This information is obtained through hacking, skimming, phishing and a variety of other means. Identities can even be purchased easily online. I help people defend against identity theft charges. Charges are often filed for crimes including:

  • Account takeover fraud. These cases involve the use of existing accounts such as bank or credit card accounts.
  • True name fraud. In these situations, a victim’s name and information is used to open up new accounts.
  • Hacking. There are a wide variety of hacking, data breach and privilege escalation crimes that are brought against people who are believed to have accessed computer systems or information without permission.
  • Unlawful possession of personal identifying information. This type of charge is added when someone obtains a victim’s personal information and attempts to use it for their own benefit.

Other common charges in Virginia identity theft cases include larceny, theft, forgery and possession of stolen property. Whether you are accused of hacking, credit card skimming or a data breach, I can help. I have a full understanding of both state and federal law. I help the accused defend against even the most serious charges.

Working to get your charges reduced or dismissed

Many people who are charged with complex computer crimes often had no intent to commit a crime. Innocent people are sometimes set up by advanced hackers and framed for crimes they did not commit. There are a variety of crimes which clients may be accused of in identity theft cases. If you are accused of impersonating another person or assuming a false identity, I can help.

I use all available tools to help clients avoid jail time and keep their freedom. I work with forensic data and technology experts to disprove the government’s case against you. I negotiate with prosecutors to get your charges reduced. Together, I will plan and execute a solid defense against all charges. I have the knowledge and skill to represent clients in even the most complicated computer crime cases.

If you are under investigation for identity theft or a computer crime, call today.

The Saunders Law Firm, PLLC provides experienced and skilled help to those facing serious criminal charges. I develop strategies to help clients avoid criminal charges when possible and defend against any charges that are filed. Call 703-672-0808 or contact me online to schedule a consultation at my Woodbridge office.

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